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Meet the Team

Partnership by Dini Pederson-Opsahl and Mark Opsahl,

a husband-and-wife duo who co-founded the

non-profit Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary.


Dini Pederson-Opsahl

  • co-founder & executive director Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary

  • author F#$king Good Vegan Cookbook

  • co-owner & executive chef The Front Porch Eatery

I am currently the executive director of the nonprofit Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary in Underwood, MN. Within the nonprofit I founded, I have run multiple successful festivals to showcase the small businesses and artists in our area. I have run multiple catering ventures within my nonprofit to provide delicious, cruelty-free meals to families during the holidays.


I created and run an online vegan cookbook F#$king Good Vegan Cookbook, with over 500 recipes, many of which were shared in our local newspapers. I work within my advocacy to help businesses and people create a better life for ourselves, the animals, and the planet.


I worked in banking, business banking, and the business insurance system for over five years. Within my business banking and regional manager insurance career I was responsible for helping dozens of local businesses, primarily resturaunts, thrive within our community. I have won multiple awards within my almost ten-year sales career such as making a company over five million in profit and for my outstanding customer service and leadership skills.


I am also involved in our local arts, working in Catwalk Party shows, a progressive art performance group where I perform in drag under Ted Hungdy. I currently run a successful weekly podcast Girls Gone Weird, where I focus on expressing art through storytelling.


I am a mother, member of the LGBTQ+ community, member of multiple plant-based advocacy groups, and a tribal member of the White Earth reservation; I support all through my careers and years of advocacy.


In my free time I love creating new recipes, cuddling with all the fur and feathered children, and enjoying the outdoors.


Mark Opsahl

  • co-founder & board member Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary

  • co-owner The Front Porch Eatery

I co-founded the small non-profit Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary. I am the primary maintenance executive and financial backer within the non-profit. The sanctuary is location on my family's family farm, originally Hagen's Farm, which was primarily a dairy producer. Together with my wife, we transformed the location into a vegan sanctuary.


I am also currently the general operations and maintenance specialist at a non-profit community organization that provides much-needed services to our community and its educators. I manage day-to-day maintenance operations for multiple locations and am educated and licensed in the industry of building codes and safety. I have worked within our blue-collar, maintenance industry for going on 20 years.


I am a father, a son of a multi-generational farmer, and native to the community of Underwood. I am familiar with farming practices and the importance of our food providers. I grew up in the farming community with meat and potatoes, which are flavors I still enjoy. I educated myself on ethical farming and animal welfare and became vegan over 7 years ago while my partner was experimenting on how to make good tasting, plant-based foods even a farm boy like I could enjoy. I still eat my Swedish meatballs and gravy…now they are just cruelty-free and still as delicious. I understand the importance of our farmers and how real food, that's good for our environment and all the lives on it, can bring our community together.


I enjoy spending time in our communities and watching them grow. With my management skills, maintenance abilities, farming familiarity, community connections, and happily being my partner's food and beer taster, I enjoy managing the vegan programs under The Front Porch Eatery and F#$king Good Vegan Cookbook.

In my free time, I enjoy playing video games under OpieLovesDuff and being with my family.

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