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E-Cookbook & Hilarious Vegan How-To Guide

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What The F#$k Is
This Cookbook?

Over 500 cruelty-free recipes!


All recipes are vegan and taste even BETTER than their non vegan counterparts.

All recipes are the same price, or CHEAPER, than their non vegan counterparts.

All recipes are made with ingredients you can find at almost any grocery store, even in rural areas.

Perfect for vegans and non-vegans. 

Because it is available to you in e-book form, you’ll have full access from where-ever you are.

Have you ever wanted to be verbally assaulted while crying into a delicious cheeze sauce while downing homemade white Russians? Here is your chance…

100% of proceeds go towards helping farm animal rescue at Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary.

Cookbook Introduction

By Author Dini Arrice

You have come here to check out the F#$king Good Vegan Food e-cookbook and how-to guide because:

a) You’re not vegan, but obviously have great taste in books and knowledge.

b) You’re vegan, and you want awesome recipes that will make your non-vegan friends shocked.

c) Vegan or not, you are just gluttonous and love delicious food. 

So, we have come to the conclusion you’re super woke, which is cool, but where do you go from here?

Do you tie yourself to a tree to stop a bulldozer from knocking it down? Do you go live in the African desert with a machete to hunt poachers? Do you throw fake blood all over your family during their non-vegan thanksgiving meal? Or do you eat amazing foods, show people how delicious vegan foods are, and change the world with your dollar and influence?

I think the last choice sounds less itchy and sticky.

If you are still reading this, I assume you picked the last choice, so let’s continue…

I am the co-founder and executive director of Anna Lake Animal Sanctuary, a nonprofit farm animal rescue located in Minnesota. I turned vegan and started a rescue for many reasons, such as my love for animals and the earth. Going vegan has in no way stopped me from loving my Minnesota hot dishes, everything smothered in cheese or gravy (or cheese WITH gravy, num), or socializing with my friends and family.

As a foodie, someone that lives in the boonies, and that works for free, I went on a mission to create vegan food that is even more satisfying, easily accessible, and even more budget friendly than the ones I loved before. I challenged myself to not put any ingredients in this e-book I could not find within 20 minutes of my small rural town, or at any chain store like Walmart.

This book is my heart, my life’s food journey. It’s a collaboration of my favorite childhood recipes veganized, my husband’s favorite childhood recipes veganized, and the recipes I have created that our daughter will connect with her comfort from childhood. I continue to add to it, and now it is time for me to share it with you. 

This is also not for you raw vegans or health nuts. This is for you bad ass people that either want to change their lifestyle, or have already gone vegan, and think those people can suck it. YOU are in it for the animals and the earth, and you just want a damn greasy taco and margarita because life already sucks enough.

There will also be little to no desserts in this e-book because you know what..I can’t bake you judgmental twat. If you want a dessert, go try one of my delicious sugary cocktails and drink your wants down like a fucking adult.

I can’t promise you through these lists of recipes I have put together that I will not yell at you through words or disrespect your mother, but what I can do is tell you that by buying this book, you took a huge step in helping our earth heal and supporting animal liberation.

Along with this cookbook, you will have access to all the group forums, your own personal blog space, and your own vegan mentor. I wanted to create the space I needed when going vegan; a place I could ask questions and learn. Also, as a vegan now, I wanted a place for the more veteran vegans, foodies, and activists, to have a space to share our like-mindedness. 


Plus, the profits go toward farm animal rescues. You actually donated to something. Make sure to tell everyone on Instagram what a good person you are.

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